Social services and counseling

Characteristics of the study program

This is an accredited field of study which meets the requirements of professional competence pursuant to Act No. 108/2006 Coll., On social services.

Bachelor graduate studies the basics of the theory and practice of social services and counseling, has fundamental knowledge of the role of state administration, self-governing bodies, non-state actors and non-profit organizations in social policy. It is ready for performance:

  • social-advisory activities,
  • social-legal advice of first contact,
  • social prevention,
  • crisis intervention,
  • negotiating and representing the client in material and social need,
  • setting up, coordinating and organizing various social services.

Graduates are awarded the academic title Bachelor (Bc.).

Theoretical knowledge


  • has basic knowledge of sociological and psychological sciences, applied pedagogy, social work, theory of education and law,
    has knowledge of working with a client in a particular social group,
  • he / she controls the theoretical knowledge about effective use of leisure time.

Practical skills


  • gains the fundamental competencies of a social worker and a counselor,
  • can diagnose problems in a variety of areas of the social sphere,
  • can design and form forms of social assistance and implement them in practice.

Additional knowledge and skills

Graduate can do

  • in cooperation with those who depend on social assistance to find an optimal solution,
  • organize your own study and further education,
    to monitor and apply legislative changes in social issues.


It is able to provide professional activities, servicing activities and other activities within the scope stipulated in the Act on Social Services No. 448/2008 Coll., Namely: specialized expert advice, professional assistance for the care of a natural person for the assistance of another natural person can be applied as a social consultant, mediation and probation worker, social worker in social service facilities and in the areas of solution of the unfavorable social situation of recipients of social services.

State Exam (1st Grade)

  • Defense of the final thesis
  • State commission examination

Form of study

Long form of study (suitable for work).

Study fees

  • The study fee is 630 € (cca 16 600 CZK) per semester (it can be paid in installments).

  • The fee for the admission procedure is set at CZK 1200 (to be paid when the application is filed).

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