Marketing´s communication

Course length

16 hours

Organization of course

2 × 8 lessons or
4 x 4 lessons

Team of lecturers

Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Světlík, Ph.D.

Ing. Mgr. Petra Jandourková

Brief annotation and course objectives

The goal of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of all areas related to the preparation of marketing and communication strategies, to define the basic concepts of marketing communication and to recognize their implementation on the international markets in the context of their specifics, the basics of media planning and acquaint participants with current trends in marketing communications.

Course content

  • Theory of marketing communications, historical excursion, and context. Splitting and specification of marketing communications and their synergy effect in the 21st for the Czech and EU market needs

  • Marketing mix, market and its analysis, methods of analysis of the marketing environment, collection of available data and their evaluation

  • Strategic marketing process: planning, management, implementation, control and evaluation (STEP, SWOT, PORTER in specific company cases), modern trends and perception of marketing communications

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