Corporation and law

Course length

8 hours

Organization of course

according to current terms

Team of lecturers

Mgr. Ivana Quittová, LL.M.

Brief annotation and course objectives

The goal of the course is to clarify the law regulations of commercial corporations, ie companies and cooperatives, both in terms of general provisions and special law regulations of particular types of commercial corporations

Course content

  • Status of business corporations in the law system, general regulation of corporations according to NOZ, business corporations, corporate bodies

  • Supervisory bodies - Supervisory Board, Control Commission, Rules on Conflict of Interests, Contract for Performance of Functions, Guarantee of Members of the Authority at Bankruptcy of a Business Corporation

  • Influential person - affected person, controlling and controlled persons, acting in agreement, concern

  • Public Company, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Company

  • Joint-Stock company, society

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