Public Management

Course length

80 hours

Organization of course

n. a. AK/PV-299/2016

10 × 8 lessons on a working day according to the current terms

Team of lecturers

RNDr. Ing. Lenka Cimbálníková, Ph.D., MBA

Ing. Mgr. Kamila Dvorská, Ph.D.

Mgr. Jan Kovács, Ph.D.

Mgr. David Kryštof, Ph.D., ACC

Mgr. Jiří Moskala, MPA

Mgr. Lukáš Stoček

Mgr. Václav Těžký

Brief annotation and course objectives

Goal of course is

acquaint students with the nature, mission and basic tasks of management in public administration,

introduce students to the field of time management, teach them to use the basic principles of this manager method and also learn techniques that can achieve more effective performance,

creating and adopting a holistic idea of the principle of human resources management, the importance of human potential and its development to increase competitiveness and the importance and leadership role,

to show the students the basic principles and techniques of coaching and the possibilities of their use in the development of the manager and employees, the head of the official or official of the ÚSC,

to deepen the audience's legislative anchoring of the public administration, especially in the operation of territorial self-governing units of various degrees, including administrative law,

to deepen the legal awareness of the students in the area of labor law; attention will be paid to the basic knowledge of practical procedures in the application of labor legislation in employee practice,

to enable students (managers, heads pf officials, and officials) to better know the subjects of the economic environment they are dealing with or possibly enter into various social or economic relationships; the students will get a basic overview of the legal regulations regulating the different types of organizations working in the non-profit sector, will get acquainted with sources of financing of non-profit organizations and management principles in these organizations,

to acquaint students with the issues of solutions and changes in project management and risk management optimization management in order to acquire the basic skills of the project manager and the team leader.

Course content

  • Management

    Personal development of a manager

    Human Resource Management

    Coaching and its use

    law of ÚSC

    Labour law

    Economy of non-profit sector

    Project management

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