Law in public administration

Course length

24 hours

Organization of course

n. a. AK/PV-207/2015

3 × 8 lessons

Team of lecturers

Will be specified

Brief annotation and course objectives

The goal of the course is to explain to the students the legislative anchoring of the public administration, especially in the operation of territorial self-governing units of various degrees, including administrative law and labor law. Attention will be paid to the basic knowledge of practical procedures in the application of labor legislation in the employment practice.

Course content

  • Law of ÚSC

    • the system of public administration in the Czech Republic the status of territorial self-governing units in the system of public administration in the Czech Republic, the relation of the state to territorial self-governing units
    • legal forms of public administration implementation
    • public service - a personal base of public administration
    • principles of good governance
    • guarantees of legality in public administration
    • responsibility in public administration
    • ethics and corruption issues in public administration
    • conflicts of interest


  • Labour law

    • basic principles and principles of labor relations
    • the emergence and disappearance of labor-law relations
    • basic duties of the employee and the employer
    • equal status of employees and equal treatment of employees
    • remuneration, employee training
    • responsibility in labor law
    • solution of labor disputes
    • current labor law issues

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