Organisation of public administration

Course length

24 hours

Organization of course

n. a. AK/PV-208/2015

3 × 8 lessons

Team of lecturers

Mgr. Jiří Moskala, MPA

Doc. Ing. Jindřich Ujec, CSc.

Brief annotation and course objectives

The goal of the first part of the program is to familiarize students with the role and position of public administration and to describe the organizational structure and the basic principles under which the public administration is controlled. Attention is paid to the issue of public administration reform, especially at the level of territorial self-governing units - municipalities and regions.

The second part of the program aims to clarify the supreme system of public administration in the EU, to explain the contractual system of the EU, its organizational structure and the decision-making system in the EU. Further clarify the nature of EU law, the role of the EU budget and characterize EU policies, in particular regional and structural policies. Under the contractual system, the role of the Maastricht Treaties and their reform treaties (the Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon Treaties) should be highlighted. Further understand the position of the Czech Republic in the EU and the conditions for its entry into EMU (euro area).

Course content

  • Organization of Public Administration in the Czech Republic

    • historical development of public administration in the Czech Republic, organization of public administration in the Czech Republic
    • status and organization of territorial self-governing units ("USC"), the legal personality of the ÚSC
    • autonomous and transferred competence of the ÚSC
    • legislation relating to the issue of public administration
    • ÚSC and their organizations, ÚSC bodies, ÚSC offices and their internal organization
  • Public administration and the EU

    • Levels of the public sector system and public administration and their basic characteristics
    • The characteristic of the Union's supra-system, the degree of the integration process
    • Current developments in the European Communities and the EU
    • EC and EU contractual character, EU organizational structure (authorities and institutions and their competencies)
    • EU law, EU decision-making, EU budget
    • EU Policies
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